Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Formatted for Mobile Devices

The smart phone
the iPad
the iPod
(the iGod?)

the laptop
bought from
the big box
crap shop

and Bluetooth
is not the
new truth

and last decade’s
is DOA

and unless your
is version 3
don’t talk to me.

Technology dictates
how we think
and create
and share
and sync

and I don’t want any scrapple
from the fanboys at Apple

and I’m kind of frugal
so I roll with Google

and in principle
I like things open source
but only when they work
of course,

still, all these
gidgets and gazmos
polluting the cosmos

obscure the reality
they don’t want us to see:
that we do not possess them
they possess us

we are their slaves
and in them
we all trust.

and if this thought
causes you to frown
power down

and repeat this

not once
nor twice
but rather, thrice

“I am not a mobile device.”

[NOTE: Submitted for Meeting The Bar at , May 10, 2012]


  1. Two thumbs up! iGod is right. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. ;)

  2. This rings too true. The irony of the inane rhymes against the harsh truth of technological enslavement... iGod indeed.

  3. Buddah, you speak truth here. Truly we are all slaves to technology. So many gadgets to choose from...PADS. PODS, Blackberres, and if we wait something better will be around the corner. Yet, I cannot imagine just what!!

  4. I'm with you on this one! I definitely don't need or want the latest and greatest. It takes me too long to learn to use what I have!

  5. How creative.. and yes, I agree with you on all the points.

    It is useful when we need it.. but if you don't, don't even think of buying the newest gadget. such a waste of money.

    Just wanted to thank you for you lovely words in my blog.. very perceptive of you ~

  6. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Amen, bruddah! I'm sitting in a coffee shop, just going through comments. I call Starbucks "Laptopia." Also, we sing "RaggMopp," L-A-P-P-T-O-P-P, Laptop!

    Ha ha Too sad to be funny; too funny not to laugh out loud. True Jewish/Black Irish humor! Ameleh the little leprechaun

  7. I must never ever let my wife read this.....

  8. the true...we have become dependant on our would be interesting to see what would happen if the sunspots knocked out our long would be survive?

  9. So good...I love it! :-)

  10. very cool...loved the them we a way we would be lost without google...wouldn't we..

  11. very clever and oh-so-true ... the day Gates had computer-speak corrupted so that microsoft and apple would forever after be unable to communicate was a sad day for all of us ... I think even he would acknowledge that by now ...

  12. As a christian I have to confess, I love my igod too. Help. :)

  13. Buddah you have written the definitive technology poem. I salute you.
    3G Grandma!

  14. "I have iPhone, therefore I am." Your poem really cuts to the bone of not only how technology can change us into things but how those things can determine the way we perceive the world. I've tried to de-technologize and yes there is life after iPhone, or outside it, but to get along in this economy one must learn how to be wired in without losing one's soul. Great poem Buddha.

  15. Beautiful...agree on all points.

  16. I only wish my device was mobile. Nice rhyme and the occasional--well, pretty constant--snark just points out the truth about how much junk we are capable of deifying in the name of toys for our esoteric adult playground.

  17. Perfect...just perfect...and while I am not a mobile device, I have to say thanks, for meeting you's been nice...all because of Apple Poet! :)

  18. i liked a lot of lines, but PDA and DOA and gizmos, gadgets etc...polluting the cosmos are my favorites

    Sonnet 40

  19. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I enjoyed this; very funny.