Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I’m Not Camping (Prompt: Camping)

I’ll drive my hybrid vehicle
over well-paved
to experience
the majesty and power
of the evergreen forest,

and I’ll capture the sights
on my 13 megapixel HDR
digital camera,

and record the sound of
the singing wetlands frogs
and placid lake loons
with my digital mp3
field recorder

and to capture the scent,
I’ll even bring back
a pine cone or two
in an airtight freezer bag
available at any corner market,

but I’m not going to
live in the forest
in a temporary campsite.

That would be
an insult,
a slap in the face
to our inventive ancestors
who devoted their lives
to mastering this
chaotic frontier,
to provide a legacy of
comfort, security and

If ever
I am overcome by
romanticized atavism,

I’ll return to those things
that technology
has not improved upon:

writing poetry
and making love,

I’m not


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Thought-provoking... Dare anyone claim that technology has improved the natural splendor of the Earth? But then, 'campers' too often are fakers who want a little jaunt in the woods before hooking themselves back up to their space-age technology.

    A perfectly-captured personality capsule, anyhow... I've missed your darkly-humorous poetry (or darkly-poetic humor?), looking forward to getting caught up on your recent works!

    - Feta

    1. Great to see you here. Thanks for agreeing with me.

  2. Unless someone finds a way to transport my sofa to the sylvan glen, as well as my coffee maker, I am staying put. When I was young, I thought I might like to be a forest ranger (like Anna Pigeon!) but not anymore.

    1. I agree - my idea of roughing it is staying an a three-star or lower resort. Thanks.

  3. LOL, I love this poem. Although I still want to go camping at least once, I see your point. Great piece.

    1. Thanks - I might get convinced into trying it, you never know.

  4. Another reason for me to love you! My idea of "roughing it" is having no room service. Please don't take me some place without indoor plumbing (or plumbing at all for that matter!) Love nature, really I do, but tents and sleeping bags ain't happening. Love this!

    1. Thanks - I count this as a vote for my side!

  5. Ha!
    Love this!
    As a camper... I have to say, it is quite possible to write poetry and make love while camping -- just sayin'

    1. :) Tooo-shay! That's two ways to make camping (or anything else for that matter) more fun.

  6. you know, right out of college i lived outdoors for a year in a was a pretty amazing experience...kinda glad i dont need technology to make love either...ha...

    1. In college I was a vegan for about a year and a half-that's the closest I've come to roughing it in my life. I envy your experience - why'd you do that?