Friday, August 31, 2012

Being Big

The worst thing
about having
oversized genitalia
is never knowing
if she loves you
for you.

I didn’t ask for it
to be this way,
and I sure as hell didn’t have it
surgically enhanced:
it’s just the way
God made me.

The one good thing
about being
is the look of surprise
when they first see it,
sometimes in shadows
sometimes in light,
but they are always

After that wears off
they’ll straddle me
like a mechanical bull,
hang off me like a
stripper pole
and indulge themselves
with me as their
flesh-and-blood vibrator.

I’ve even had a few
get scared and try to demur;
but I’m always able to
convince them
because I’m gentle,
and then they give in,

and this is where
we both get fooled:
we both think
we’re in love.

Sometimes sooner,
sometimes later,
our differences
scrape up against one another
and the relationship
degenerates into
marathon sessions of
sweaty, visceral intercourse,
multiple orgasms,
and awkward silences.

Before each
first time,
I am so insistent
on practicing abstinence,
because I know
once we cross that line,
all we’ll ever do is have sex.

I remain steadfast
that I will find the right woman
who will love me
for me,
who will walk with me
in the rain,
curl up and watch movies
all weekend,
will massage my scalp
every now and then.

Until then,
I’ll faithfully
continue the search

and I’ll keep erasing
all those
late night voice mails
that my loneliness
fights to convince me
are more than just
booty calls.


  1. You are funny and brilliant and talented and...BIG?

    I just love this.

    1. That's what she said. Thanks very much.

  2. Wow, a little more info than I needed I think, haha, but very insightful. (I thought you were married. Is this an old poem or the memory of a past life...or weird wishful thinking?)
    I love your stuff. It always makes me wonder.

    1. Your comment made me laff out loud. Thanks, and yes I am happily married. (This is a style of writing I call poemonologue where it is written in a character voice. So, it's fictional. That's *also* what she said.)

  3. Oh, well, never mind the message I just left on Dropbox then! I got carried away before I read the last stanza! ; )

  4. Got a kick out of the role reversal...they are only nice to me because of my boobs...


    1. Thanks-actually that was the inspiration for the piece: obsession with fetishized body parts.

  5. good's important to be loved because of what we are and not because of what we have to give...really like how you approach a serious topic with such a good sense of write..loved it

  6. (lifting jaw off the floor) You are very convincing with this poemonologue voice, Mosk.

    1. There is always a little truth in every musing. Thanks.

  7. i am playing a violin for you...smiles...haha...this is fun and in the end whether it is the size or another feature i think we all want to know we are loved for who we are and not what we can do...

    1. I know- we should all such problems! Thanks for your comment and compliment.

  8. Replies
    1. OK, all together now: that's what she said. :)