Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Fog Called Time (For Rachel’s 20th Birthday)

This fog called time
tricks us into thinking
we’re safe on dry land
only to blow away 
and reveal we’re really
only standing
on a cliff.

Time sings an
impatient, demanding melody
that everything is urgent
and everything must be addressed
but then time plays that record
revealing a hidden message
that lulls us into
that more days will come,
just as easily and predictably
as all the days before,
as our very next breath.

Raechy, I know
I’m just your
old man,
so I while I know you
and love you,
my first instinct
is to watch out
for you,
and keep you safe.

I’m just asking
that before you run out
into this profane and
pulsating world,

look both ways. 

[Written for Rachel's 20th birthday and for #OpenLinkNight at - my home away from home for poetry on the internet.]


  1. What a touching poem, Mosk!!

    And one hopes that 'looking both ways' will keep her always safe.

    1. Thanks, yes, being a parent when they get to be adults is perhaps the hardest of all times.

  2. smiles...please do look both ways...stay safe, for our sakes as much as yours...its hard to be a parent and to let go as well when the time is right ....happy birthday to your little one brother...

    1. You said it, brother. Yes, even though she's no longer a teenager, she'll always be my little one. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Happy Birthday to your little Angel :)

  4. Smiles to you--don't we always want to protect them? Lovely and tender way to show your love

    1. Thanks, and yes, it's sometimes a real balancing act: showing them you care and not prying into their lives.

  5. Oh, this is so touching and so filled with truth. It never changes, each year they may grow older, but they will always be our babies.
    Just lovely.

  6. Not easy is it? Letting go, giving them so much more independence and trusting that they will stay safe and be sensible in everything and, and , and, especially more so for a girl too (I think)
    Lovely write Mosk

  7. This brings tears to my eyes... so heart-warming, these loving words to your daughter. Happy Birthday to her!

  8. Nothing like watching your child turning into an adult to bring the reality of time passing home! Like the tidal pulls, simultaneously wanting to protect them, and knowing we must let them go. What a lovely poem you have composed on this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you - and yes, it's hard letting them go, but I know it must be done.

  9. Such truth to this! I love playing the record backwards for the hidden message! Wonderful!

    1. Thanks, yes, that's a down side of compact discs, you can't spin them backwards so easily.

  10. Tears brother Mos...this hurts. So very hard to watch them venture out beyond our sight. Dealing on a daily basis with this...knowing what's out there...and how you played with time in this piece...a brilliant weave...even more so that it was so beautifully presented in simplicity...there are wormholes between the line there! May she walk forth with head held high knowing she's got the support of you to lean on.

  11. Sweet, happy birthday to your little girl!

  12. Anonymous5:10 PM

    A happy birthday to your Rachel! And some hugs for her dad. You are doing good. I'm so glad that she has you! Loved the ending on this poem! -deb

  13. Oh this made my eyes well up with tears! My girl is 16, so I'm relating to your poem all too easily. What a beautiful birthday gift. What a good Daddy!

  14. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Ah. Super pretty poem. Very sweet. (I think there may be a typo in one place "so I while I know you" maybe extra I?

    Wonderful. k.

  15. that you call dVerse your home away from home for poetry on the internet... and i so can feel your kids are 18, 20 and yes...hopefully we have taught them enough and they will remember to look both ways..

  16. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Sweet, touching, clever...a loving dedication by a Dad, truly caring of his treasured daughter. I love it, Mosk!

  17. Awww...they grow up waaay too fast. Happy birthday to her, and good luck with that timey-wimey stuff!