Thursday, July 09, 2015


I hate pennies.

They are so
not worth the effort.

They’re dirty,
they’re practically
especially if you use them
to buy someone’s thoughts.

They nag at me
when the check comes
and they mock me
in my drive-thru hurry.

A penny candy
can’t be bought anymore
and there is nothing
melodious about
the jangle of them.

So I say
fie! fie on you miserable
worthless pennies!

“Save your pennies”

Why? so I can take a hundred
useless dirty things and
exchange them for one
ragged filthy crumpled thing?

Not me.
What good could a
penny be to me?

So, I toss them
in parking lots
and anywhere I see people
who might need
something to believe in.

So, there, you have your answer:

I’m the one
who leaves the errant pennies
where you can find them and say
“see a penny
pick it up
all day long
you’ll have good luck.”

That’s me:
the good luck supplier.

no thanks necessary.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    :) I loved all the poems today, but thought I'd comment on this one, as my daughter spotted one as we left the check out lane that had a long line of people up next and so I had to keep her walking. It was NOT easy, but I got her out of the store without a penny scene. Thanks for your poems, poet friend! - deb