Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rain and Water

Water water everywhere
and it just kept

It was too short for
a biblical epic
but just enough
for a tsunami.

So much immediate
impossible to grieve
can’t imagine the

and the waves
brought the mudslides
and trapped the beautifully
naive people
in their luxurious
castles of clay.

I want to work up
a tear for them,
but they are too
faraway and besides
they lived in
privileged communities

until now.

But the rain
took a young woman
pregnant with child
and swept them

the rain and water
indifferent and unforgiving
dragged them along
and into the

Almost contritely
the rains finally stopped
but it was too

Dan lost his wife
and unborn daughter
and I cannot help
but imagine his own
private tearful tsunami
sitting in his house
surrounded by their memory,

trying to find a way
to live with
rain and water
for the rest of his life.

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