Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Eve

1986: Darra

Wet Thursday morning.
My senior year of college;
we didn't use protection
so we were fixing the problem,
The nurse called for her,
I waited
pretending to study.
She returned
forcing a reassuring smile.
As she got in the car
she vomited
before we sped away.

1988: Stacia

Bright Saturday afternoon.
Tomorrow I'd be introduced
to her family
but I didn't love her
(even though I said I did
so I could sleep with her).
We met at the park
I told her there was someone else
(which there was).
Her green eyes went gray:
"then I'll just disregard that
Valentine you sent me, right?"

1994: Lan Anh

Black Sunday afternoon.
I whistled in the dark
and vowed a naive "I Do,"
unaware she was still
in love with him.
I resisted the impulse to run
as our two-tiered
wedding cake fell
during our first dance,
just before she told me
to stop kissing her
so much.


  1. damn...what a portent, the cake is def a wacky game man....and we jack it up pretty good before we ever get it right, if we ever do...some viscious images man...all too real...

  2. And it's all (too) real.

    Yes, I noticed there was a theme of my Feb 13s being somehow cursed. This year is much better, although my daughter broke up with her boyfriend yesterday (Feb 12) so she has great timing like her Pop-o. Thanks, bro.

    1. ouch...hope she is good int he after....

  3. Stay inside today and wait for it to pass--The cake falling--telling you to stop kissing her so much--ouch

    1. Yeah, that last comment still stings. :/ Naw, I'm fine now :)

  4. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Wow . . .this is a pretty brutal holiday eve! So glad this year has been better! Thank you, poet friend!

    1. Yes, every year since has been a good Valentine's Eve. Thanks!

  5. Ouch! Back up the cynic's view of love why don't ya? :) Great poems.

    1. I'm not a cynic - I'm a skeptic! Thanks so much.

  6. Wow! This is really fantastic but very sad! As a writer you want your work to illicit emotion and you certainly do well at that! (although, like others have said here, it is hard not to read it and feel so bad for you!) Either way, great writing. Maybe a happy sequel someday? Either way, very well done.

    1. Thanks, and I feel bad for myself too, just a bad series of coincidences. Things are much better now.

  7. Ouch. Felt a bit like some sad karma, Mosk. Well done. Glad to know you finally got it right. (And thanks again, to Paula, for posting this on the FB Poetry Chain page.) ;-)

  8. Superb writing Mosk ... am glad to hear your "heart" days are better now tho' ...

  9. How difficult it was to get our minds focussed on what what was best in our youth. Delightfully written, whether true or not, as so much of out lives went down sidetracks, didn't it?

  10. Oh, that lsat line made me screw my face up i– that someone who supposedly loved could say such a thing! I'm sorry this account of so many kinds of not-love is real!

  11. Love is as complicated as it gets! Thanks for sharing, Mosk!💖

  12. Complications abound. I hope your luck has changed.

  13. This docu-drama is really deep. Great writes

  14. Valentine's Day is so much better and purer when it's about a parent/teacher doing cutesies for their preschoolers. Then it's all joy and sweetness.

  15. Oh, Valentine's day rides high on expectations and then reality arrives to tell you chocolate roses don't like the sun.

  16. I detect a theme of relationship karma here...

  17. This is why I like watching horror movies on Valentine's Day. I'm hoping I can get to watch Pride Prejudice and Zombies with the husband tomorrow night.

  18. Love the honesty in these words

  19. Stop kissing her so much! Oy. That's harsh!

  20. damn.

    I've been broken up with in early Feb as well. sucks. but V day is also my elder son's birthday, so for that reason, and maybe only that reason, I celebrate the day.

    good to read you, Mosk ~