Thursday, May 16, 2013

Print Me Out

Print me out
and hold me in
your tender hand
because even though
I was made on
a computer
I was born of a person
and his soul
is embedded
between the blank space
and the letters.

Print me out
and carry me
in your back pocket
as you climb high into
your secret tree
where you write
your poetry and
daydream ‘til dusk
and then
when you come home
unfold me
and set me beside
your bowl of soup
to remind you
that I am here.

Print me out
and fold me
into an airplane
and send me sailing
to a bored classmate
across the room.

Print me out
and tack me up
with a magnet
on your refrigerator
and when you’re
reaching for the milk
tomorrow morning
know that I have
been here
waiting for you.

Print me out
to remind yourself
that I am more than
just paper and words,
I am real.

I am flesh and bone
sadness and glory,
but when you read me
I am no longer alone.

Print me out
and save my life.

[Posted for #Meetingthebar at - my pals in verse out in the universe]


  1. nice...i love how you give the poem personality and the wish to connect...yeah...i hear it...they have a soul...

    1. Every poem I write *does* have a soul.. mine! Thanks!

  2. Wow, the end is chillingly strong. And your are not alone here dear friend :-)

    1. Thanks, Bjorn - no, not with so many kind readers, I don't feel alone or invisible.

  3. Oh how much I love this. I rarely print my poems, except when I want to give one to someone. Now I will do it more often, now I realise how important it is!

    1. Yes, print our your poems, it'll make you realize how much you've written.

  4. important thing to remember..we have so much to share; fun write on "printing me out" and volition ;)

  5. print me out and save my life...carry me with you...smiles...i like your personification of the poem...they are like children...we birth them...then we cant neglect them...

  6. This is lovely, your personification is quite affecting. The repetition lulls and comforts. The pleading makes me want to do just that and carry the tender breathing life around.

  7. Wow. Thank you for sharing your soul.

  8. Words are the visible (or audible) manifestation of thought--the embedded soul, open to our reader or hearer. A very vulnerable position to be in. Nice work here, great description of the special relationship between artist and art.

  9. Loved this...and I have...just added to my noticeboard : )

  10. Oh yes! Like Rowan, I'll be printing it out and putting it up where I and others can see it.

  11. oh, I do think we carry them; carry them too well. but I must say the idea of being able to fold them up and tuck them away has a unique appeal.

    a lovely piece.

  12. I love this. Remind me of one I have printed out as well, and taped up still after all these years to my board to see and remember. Lovely write.

  13. I love this. Reminds of one I printed out years ago and carry with me still to this day. It's on my refrigerator and in my office. Lovely write!