Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Judge Shrugged

The courtroom was set up
so that I had to sit next 
to him.

We didn't make eye contact,
but we’d already traded intimacies 
of a sort,
what with me 
hate-fucking the hell out of 
his slutty stalker wife,
and him threatening to shoot me
because she mislead him 
and told him it was rape.

Before the judge granted
the restraining order, he said
“I've read the details of this case,
Mr. Amberg have you apologized
to Mr. Moskowitz?”
and he said he had
because it was true.

The Judge continued:
“And Mr. Moskowitz, 
have you apologized 
to Mr. Amberg?”

In a voice, 
confused but unequivocal,
I said 
“No, I haven’t”
because that was true too.

The judge shrugged,
thought for a moment 
and granted my restraining order.

I left the courtroom,
feeling relieved,
vindicated and safe,

but not innocent.

[From the #thisreallyhappened files - Written for #openlinknight for - come over and get your poetry fix.]


  1. ha - that judge was kinda cool me thinks... and yep..sometimes we walk out of something without being found "guilty" but still we feel different somehow.... ah and there will be no OLN for the next weeks... we're back on january 6th... happy holidays to you mosk

  2. ha. not innocent but know, might not be a back thing being guilty at times...def makes me wonder a bit more of the story though...smiles...see claudia already caught you up...will still be around through the holidays so i will watch out for you...smiles.

  3. Innocent? Pets and children are innocent. The rest of us, well....

    Happy Tuesday, Mosky!

  4. Wow, Buddah, what a nice holiday story. If only the judge had been an elf...

    Seriously, this was some heavy shit. Glad you made it through, and glad you did NOT apologize. Sometimes the high road looks different to those not in our shoes. That's my take, anyway... Love from your sistah, Ameleh

  5. I like it. It makes me think about the complicated nature of intimacy, and the rather scary idea that you can have an intimate connection with someone and not realize it.

  6. Beautifully observed. Honesty but not innocence. That has integrity. I love your unflinching eye, Mosk.