Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Soul Mates

There he is, Eddie.
Every morning
same time
he leaves the house.

Don’t worry,
this’ll be easy-
he’s predictable
like a Timex.

Yeah, I know,
he looks like a real

Yeah, I got your money.
You know where
he works, right?
Just give me
15 minutes.

She never needed much time.

Did I tell you I saw her
at the store
the other day?
Naw, she didn’t see me.
Looks great.
She always looks great.

What? Naw, he ain’t
gonna give you no trouble.
Kick his ass if you have to.

Just bring him back here
so he can see it
with his own two eyes.

Of course she still wants me.
We were soul mates,
she said so.

She’s just with
him for his money.
Yeah, she always was
kind of a whore.

I called last night
but when she answered
I hung up.

There he goes, man.
Follow him.

Okay, I’m hanging up now.

Got to reclaim
what’s mine."


  1. sounds like this one is about to come to a head...
    and not everyone is gonna make it out alive...

    chicks will mess you up good eh? smiles.

  2. Ugh. Such a common, and completely screwed-up attitude.

  3. yikes....this does not look like it is heading in a good direction...but nicely told.

  4. Damn. This is chilling, Mosk.

  5. Whew. Chilling, indeed. Well done, Mosk.

  6. Scary story! Love the monologue, and the power of the unsaid.

  7. Yikes, a hell of a phone call. This is one gristly, raw work, Buddah. You have a way of writing conversation that sounds like conversation, you know what I mean? Even when the subject is this harsh, I can hear the voices involved. You are amazing. Love, Ameleh