Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Were My 1983

You were my

You saw my heart,
naked for the first time,
I heard yours
echoing mine,
as I basked in your
approving glow.

You were
Boy George’s
silky voice,
that opening warm synth
of Spandau Ballet’s “True”
and you kept me company
as I listened
in the still,
quiet night.

You were
electric potential,
and it was too short-lived
for any disappointment.

Now you are
a Polaroid snapshot
in a photo box
of a shy smile
in a red graduation robe,
youthful and expectant.

Now your memory is
a welcome surprise.

You were my 1983
and when I hear those songs
I find myself
in the time machine,
remembering those days,
my long lost innocence,
and wondering
if I was your


  1. smiles...can take you right back there....the songs of the moment...every rose has its my teens...and i still have some old polaroids...i love those things...thick with nostalgia man...

  2. Sweet, Mosk! Nice capture of this particular form of time travel.

  3. this is lovely. it is amazing the way memories can be triggered...a song, a smell, a touch. I really like the line, "you saw my heart naked for the first time."

  4. How beautiful! 1983 sounds like a lovely year.