Thursday, October 30, 2014

What I Kept From My Father (a Dia de los Muertos tribute)

I kept his humility
but not his shyness.

I kept his loyalty
but not his tribalism.

I kept his laughter
but not his derision.

I kept his discipline
but not his strictness.

I kept his skepticism
but not his cynicism.

I kept his patriotism
but not his blind allegiance.

I kept his faithfulness
but not his routine.

I kept his integrity
but not his inflexibility.

I kept his hairline
but not his irregularity.

I kept his high cholesterol
but not his naivete.

I keep him inside me
but never hide him.


  1. sounds like you gleaned the important things...and maybe even a few that naivety about choloesterol...yikes...

  2. Perfection. Love the double meaning in the title, too.

  3. it's interesting how we discover bits and pieces of the character of our parents in us...and it's cool if we manage to further-develop the good parts without their negative side

  4. A wonderful tribute to your father...and to yourself.