Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Commencement (for Sarah)

I’m more thankful
than articulate:

for every doctor
who looked at her
and helped her through
cerebral palsy,
visual spatial deficits,
even the quacks
who made the true healers
shine brighter,

for every therapist
be they medical
or physical
or psychological,
who never lost hope
and kept trying
even though
there were many dark days
and almost as many

for every kind
and loving soul
who wished her well
and didn’t think we were
bad parents because
we didn’t know how
to quell
the inconsolable, crying child
who turned out
lived in depression,
suicidal ideation,
and crushing desolation,

and to those
never relinquished
the dream
that she would be
standing in
the foyer of life
in her graduation robe,
deciding which door
to approach next.


  1. Oh this is so good.. so good to have all those believers.. giving up is the worst thing, and I'm so glad it resulted in a beginning.. wonderful share.

  2. Congrats to daughter and dad!

  3. How absolutely wonderful , those who believed (especially her mom and dad) that she would achieve those dreams. Good for her that she did - blessings to all who loved her through! I so loved reading this poem!!!!!!! My favorite kind of story - those who overcome obstacles and shine on! She is beautiful.

  4. Congratulations to Sarah!!!! I am happy for and with her, as are you. There had to be setbacks and discouragements, many. Still she (and you) prevailed. Thanks, Dad for telling this.
    GOOD JOB !!!!

  5. A brilliant piece indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

  6. What an inspiration for every young person. It is good to see hard work paying off, despite the setbacks of life.

  7. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Yay for new chapters and brighter days.

  8. Beautiful, Mosk. All the best wishes in the world to her.

  9. I don't have any deep observations - just pure enjoyment and happiness being a mother to a child who also has things he needs to overcome and work with. What a beautiful poem.

  10. __"Tis true, of course, her great strength is fortitude, and she will keep her "inner rake" that, cleared the way; those that help and follow will forever nourish her courage.
    __You have a world given right to be proud and confident, congratulations and best wishes to you all !

    her new trails
    with paths of stones raked clear
    deeper steps

  11. Just look at that pride, you both wear it so well! Congrats Sarah, Mom & Dad you have definitely been doing a great job, way to go!! Best of luck in all your future endeavors young lady :)

  12. Awww - congratulations Sarah! And congratulations Mom and Dad!