Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Incomplete America

“They're bringing crime. 
They're rapists. 
And some, I assume, are good people.”
- Donald T(he )Rump on Mexico

Make America Great Again?

Nothing screams
Clueless White Male Privilege
than pining for
“The Good Ol’ Days.”

pre-Civil Rights Acts
pre-Voting Rights Act,
is an
Incomplete America.

I piss on your nostalgia.

I shit on your romanticized
Hollywood fantasies
of a sanitized,
White Protestant
where everyone
had their place,
and they knew it
and they kept there
and they were happy.

Their mythology comforts
for there is
no conflict,
no desperate, hungry pleas
to distract
The Exceptional, Chosen Americans
from their enviable dreams.

I’m an American
and my country
needs me,
and the rest of us
who have been left out
on the sidelines,
in the boiling kitchens,
under punishing sunlight
in the fields,
wiping the asses
of the royal offspring
of the rich and pampered,

to register
and vote,

Don’t let them
“Make America Great Again”
because we know
where that led us.

Vote and
“Make America Complete, At Last.”
Moskowitz voting in California Primary, June 2016

[For Poets United suffrage prompt.]


  1. Standing and applauding, Mosk!

  2. You ended on a very profound note Mosk
    [Vote and
    “Make America Complete, At Last.”]

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much love...

  3. A passionate write, enjoyed it Mosk.

  4. A strong call to power! Let's get this poem out there and change some minds by telling the truth--and none of the "talking Heads" double talk, either. Bravo!

  5. I am on my feet applauding madly. YES, make America Complete At Last. I wrote a rant on somewhat the same theme, but didnt post it. So I am thrilled to read your wonderfully honest, truthful poem. LOVE it!

  6. Hey, I like Sherry I also wrote a rant and on second thoughts didn't post it and wrote a more mellowed Sevenling...your poem really brought tears to my eyes Mosk...applaud, applaud...

  7. Absolutely brilliant!

  8. Bravo! I couldn't agree with you more. What frigntens me is how many people are listening to him.

  9. We scream, piss and shit with you (in the most cordial way possible of course) - it is alarming how humanity is so readily obliterated by politics

  10. I love that cap!!!
    And can understand exactly where you are coming from...
    I think the whole world has gone completely mad.

  11. ha. i need that hat.
    i dont know what to make of this election. i am not very fond of either but i find trump detestable. and his brand of nostalgia, sickening.

  12. Love it, Mosk. Just as we have an obligation not to vote carelessly, we have an obligation not to fail to vote responsibly...:D
    Good one!

  13. A passionate write well done.

  14. What a fabulous, honest, rant! Could not agree with you more.