Friday, November 03, 2017

The Sealed Box in My Closet

I have a sealed box
in my closet.

In it are emails,
greeting cards
with her
deceptive cursive
begging and pleading
for my love,
the initial police report,
the restraining order
granted against her husband,
for threatening to kill me
because she told him
I raped her.

She cheated
on her husband,
didn’t want to
take responsibility
for it,
and tried to make me
the Fuckboy Scapegoat.

She dropped the charges
when confronted
with all the
contradictory evidence
I’d saved.

I have a sealed box
in my closet,
it is labeled
and I’ll keep it

in case
I ever need it
to save me


  1. Ooh, I love a good Pandora tale.

  2. Is that like an overpriced Pandora bracelet? Thanks for enjoying this slice of hell from 1994. With all the sexual assault accusations coming forward lately, I'm keeping my exoneration box.

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