Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The Woman I Married

I spied them
from the kitchen:

she was with him,
my beloved grandson,
and she was
so respectful,
and warm
and fun.

She was always
the woman I married,
but somehow,
I’d never seen
this woman before:

someone who consented
to share my life
and my fortunes,

a woman with a bounty
of lustrous eyelashes,
inviting curvature,
and an oasis smile.

She gives him
her truest,
most unguarded
laughter and joy,
and he is forever changed
one lesson at a time.

I see her expressing
the purest version of love
I’ve ever witnessed,

and the thought comes,

“That’s the woman
I want to make love to.”


  1. To see someone in love, so purely joyful seems to renew the first flush of love as when newly married. Love continues and grows, both within the marriage and through new generations, so much so as to want to make even more.

  2. To see your love growing in this way is really great... what better than to see that you can share the same love...

  3. How lovely! The snapshot is radiant with its atmosphere of love and belonging, building on this beautiful scene.

  4. ...children don't want to think of "that' with their parents, let alone their grandparents. But I found it delightful and very sweet. Loved this poem.

  5. How wonderful to see the one you love with awakened eyes, after some years. Your wife sounds absolutely lovely - a loving being. I loved this poem.

  6. Married love, domestic love, can be the best of all.

  7. Hi kiddo, not sure if I have the right email address for you. Trying to reach you. Might you e me at ? I have a query! Smiles.