Tuesday, September 28, 2021

What Falls Away

 These days
I find myself
falling apart
My arms are tired
of trying to hold
myself together.
My body keeps telling me
in aches and groans,
“what are you
holding onto that
My exhausted brain
unfolds his director’s chair,
squats his weight
upon it and exhales:
“Let it fall away.
This body wasn’t meant
to last forever,
so what makes you think
your will is any stronger?”
I don’t want
to let everything
fall away,
just the
old, flaky, dead
makes up more of
who I am
every day.
So I’m letting it all
fall away;
if it cannot stay affixed
of its own strength,
then that’s Life saying
I don’t need it.
But still,
way deep down inside
the pilot flame is still lit,
the rhythm still beats,
the juices still flow,
and I realize
the Great Interconnection
as I breathe in
the same air as
Socrates, Jesus and Groucho
and bathe in the same rain
as a delicate hummingbird,
a breathtaking mountain,
the pebbles in the stream.
Help me
to easily let go
of what
I no longer need
remain steadfast
and strong
and true
to that which
never falls away.

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