Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Autumn (for Rachel, who has been in Montana 26 days) (Prompt: Season)

It was still winter
when you left,
and spring doesn’t
hold out much
hope for your return.

I doubt that
you’ll want to come back
to the oppressive heat
and smog of
a Moreno Valley summer,

so perhaps,
I’ll have to wait
until Autumn
for your return.

Autumn has always
been my favorite season
but if you told me
you were
coming home tomorrow,

spring would be my
new favorite season
of the year.


  1. This poem is so tender and beautiful....sniffle, tears...

  2. Mosk, this poem is very tender and touching. I hope she comes home in spring! I always love the gut-level feelings in your poetry! The realness, the honesty, the humanity is so refreshing. God bless.

  3. Ahhh... simple, sweet, sad. For some reason, it brought to mind the old song "Please Come to Boston" by Dave Loggins. Do you know it?

  4. This is so sweet, and it moves beautifully.

  5. smiles...first, i love autumn...its my fav too...but i wont let overshadow the emotion you stir, because coming back that is def a heart wringer...

  6. i am so in love with love that it's easy to love you and your work...way to go, man...oh, and i am so joyful that you put my nonsense in your side column...all my readers are only lurkers, though they do send tender e-mails quite often

    peace, out

  7. aww. sweet indeed. you have this wonderful way of bringing your poems home (no pun intended) at the end with a few little lines that just... go straight to the heart.

  8. Tender longing...I love poetry about love...I am a hopeless romantic. Great work!