Friday, April 06, 2012

Dividing Up Stuff (Prompt: Hiding)

It was easy
to cheat on her
she trusted me.

I hid in plain sight
because when
someone loves you
they trust you.

She wasn’t
looking for my sin,
my flaw,
and she didn’t find it.

When I eventually
told her
I was leaving,
I made the mistake of
leaving her alone
with my private

She went through
all my private files
and found all
the unsent poems,
hotel room receipts,
stray love notes,
and other convicting detritus
and stacked them
on the filing cabinet
for me to find
upon my return.

This was her proof
of my flagrant disrespect
and lazy contempt.

I couldn’t help
but feel betrayed
that my secret persona
was outed,
my performance
as dutiful partner
my private world

When trust ends
all that’s left
is dividing up stuff
and walking away.


  1. Sad, Mosk. Oh so sad. If people don't have trust, it's over.

  2. Oh my. Okay to *be* a two-faced cheating fuck, but such a buzzkill to have it handed back to one on a platter. Everybody go awww.

    Sorry I haven't been by in the past few days, work has vampired me. I am pale, weak, helppppppp meeee...

    1. well I sure as hell wasn't looking for sympathy with this just naked unvarnished truth. Thanks for the visit, tell your job top back off Dracula! Happy Easter!

    2. funny feeling violated violating others
      funny one can rage by snooping thru some old love letters
      and funny is as funny laughs when time is spent exhausting
      relationships for better worse in future might be daunting

    3. Well, the truth is a prime ingredient for good poetry, as you know. That's part of why I love coming here. No haiku about the pwetty flowa. You get right down to it.

    4. oops, and Happy Easter back atcha! :-)

  3. I like how you piled up the two crimes together and left us with the feeling that both parties walked away as both criminals and victims. Truth is a double edged sword!

  4. This is a great illustration of the double standard I'm sure a lot of us have experienced in one way or another. We always want to deflect the blame.