Monday, April 23, 2012

My Morning Ritual (Prompt: Morning)

The ritual starts the same way:

My first thoughts
are always scrambled:
part disappearing dream,
part beeping alarm clock,
and part soundtrack
to whatever tv show
is playing on the set
that was left on
as a lazy night light.

I hear the tip-tip-tip
of Yorkie claws scratching
on the laminate floor
as Sadie the cat
drags her paw
across our closed bedroom door,
and makes
a slow, torturous scrape,
her mute petition
for admission.

The dogs want out
and the cat wants in,

I’m barely awake
and I’m already playing

I escort the dogs
out to the backyard
and I breathe in the
sweet and sharp
cold morning.

God hears
my silent prayers
of gratitude,
and my mind scans
the coming day:
it thinks in terms of
appointment blocks
in Microsoft Outlook.

I ask
“please help me be
a good man, and
please watch over
my wife and children
and bring them all

I dwell in this
quiet and slow moment,
until clarity materializes.

Then, the barking begins

shallow and soft,

then louder


which signals the
end of my morning


  1. These are morning companions, Magnolia and Mona Lisa.

  2. "I’m barely awake
    and I’m already playing

    Well, that sums up my morning perfectly!

  3. such clarity, and depth, to a dull but meaningful ritual. Thanks for sharing your poetry, your pets, and your morning!

  4. What a special time to connect with Him before the day gets away! :) and with the added bonus of Magnolia, Mona Lisa and Sadie. :)

  5. Yep, Bosco is the boss around here. He tells me when to get up, and what he wants me to do once I am up, which is, wait on him!

  6. This makes me want to curl back up in bed. What a cozy poem. Love "scrambled" and "lazy night light." Thanks, Buddah. :)

  7. A day that begins with a prayer is always better. Cute dogs. I once had a yellow lab named Sadie. She was the best pet I've ever had. Now I'm sad. This is not rhyme, just the right time... haha

  8. made me smile...i'm such a morning all the sounds in an awakening house..but even more being the first one up even before the birds start their morning concert...smiles