Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Holiness (Prompt: Re-use a previously used phrase)

There’s no point
in doing this
if you’re just
going to lie.

So, the truth is
you’re going to fail at this
most of the time,
but contrary to logic
you mustn’t stop.

The best you can hope for
is that every now and then
you feel it –
the holiness
the wholeness,

but beware,
for when it seems
that you’re certain
you’ve glimpsed
the face of The Eternal One,
an egotistical,
will wipe the holiness
away faster than
a shaken Etch-a-Sketch.
It’s not about being
being holy just one time
and making it last forever.

It’s about making
each new moment
a new holiness,
completely alive
and serving that which
lives in all things.

It may appear to be
but it is the awareness
of your place
and your sacredness
in the continuum.


  1. Wow, Mosk! Just, wow.

  2. "Making each new moment a hew holiness" is just a beautiful thought. Sort of like "Be here now." Sounds so easy yet so difficult to actually do.

  3. Ah - a great perspective! Very true, and thought-provoking.