Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thai Peanut Spicy Chicken (Prompt: Regional Cuisine)

I let the wisps of
peanut-scented steam
waft from the Styrofoam
to-go container,
and I inhale it
as though it was
some exotic breathing

My heart pounds
in my chest
and the saliva pools
in my mouth
as I carefully
balance the peanut sauce
with the white rice
on my fork.

The Thai spices,
a magical mystery mix,
shoot electricity
from my tongue
through my entire being,
faster than morphine,
as exciting as her touch
the very first time.

The crunch of the peanut
and the tenderness
of the chicken
make every bite
a challenge
to savor
and not devour.

What problems that exist
in this world,
in my world
are for the moment
off somewhere
far, far away.

The memory
of sweet coconut milk
and fiery red chili
stays with me
all afternoon,

reminding of
what is often
the best part of my day.


  1. Made my mouth water too! ^_^ Yum!

    1. That's what I was shooting for! Thanks!

  2. Oh, man. I SO hate you right now. This.Sounds.Heavenly. I can smell it. And taste it. I just drooled on your website, Mosk. Not cool.

    1. Thanks! It's an honor to be a non-porn website that gets drooled over.

  3. Savoring one's food is close to tantrist. I'm so glad you're not a wolfer....or is Thai the exception? :) This is delicious.

    1. If there's an audience, I politely savor. If alone, I'm a fresser extraordinaire! (That's Yiddish!)

  4. NICE!...I sort felt like this a few hours ago...the local pub has wing night every Wednesday! m-m-m-m!
    'more exciting than her touch
    the very first time.'

    'What problems that exist
    in this world,
    in my world
    are for the moment
    off somewhere
    far, far away.'

    esp. thrilled me:)

    1. Wind Night Wednesday...arrgh... sounds heavenly! Thanks for being thrilled. I hate admitting the rampant food lust I have, but glad it was appreciated here.

  5. Your lust was vivid! I think we just had our first lunch date. ;)

  6. Wow. I know what I want for dinner now. I hope that the "her" in the line "more exciting than her touch the very first time" doesn't know you wrote that though, haha. Great poem.