Wednesday, April 01, 2015

About Sandra

The first poem
I read was
in the volume entitled

"Love is a Dog from Hell."

The perversity of the title
hooked me
and I opened to the section
about Sandra

and read about the temptress
who brought her
naive, young boys around
to show off to the author.

I had been
one of those boys
and I was red-faced
as him
caught me
in his descriptive grasp,
looked me over
and summarily dismissed me
as the inconsequential
youth that I was.

I read more
and more,
each poem
defining the man
and resonating
in me,
at once idiosyncratic
and personal.

I took it home
and Bukowski became
that unreachable standard
that all who create
must have.


  1. I really have to read Bukowski. You are the latest in a string of poets I admire who admire him.

  2. Wow, your first poem/poet. You bypassed the baby bottle and went right for the steak.

  3. "...that unreachable standard" that would kill its creatrix, if she ever touches it.

  4. Oh, yes...that standard...I've looked in the face of that's daunting at times. I love the way the author looks through the poem at you...what an engaging read this is Buddah. So nice to see you. :)

  5. So cool! "Love is a dog from hell!" I must read that book!

  6. Yes, we who write do need that unreachable standard. It keeps our pen hungry to write, to strive to leave better ink.

  7. Fun to read the effect this poem had on you! Yes, I love how you described, 'the unreachable standard'-we all know this dance~

  8. what an introduction; it carries through, yet ~

  9. Ha! I enjoyed this portrait of the artist as a young impressionable man.

  10. unreachable standards we should all have in our poetic sphere, for thats where the striving begins and the greatness unfurls; nice write
    and, thank you for dropping in to read mine

    much love,,,

  11. This is wonderful, I just love it! And it's leaving me wondering how my life's path might have been different had I discovered Bukowski when I was very young. I discovered him and many others in college. So great, so influential! Thank you.

  12. Yes--the first poem I read by Bukowski was just a few years ago, 'To The Whore Who Stole My Poems--I was hooked from the first line ("some say we should keep personal remorse from the
    poem..." ) he was a vastly talented soul, despite his personal flaws, tremendously gifted, and his gift was often displayed as here, in awkening and insoiring others. Good to read your work again, sir.