Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I have guitars,
both electric and acoustic
including the
Yamaha Guitalele
the ukulele;
a Korg microarranger,
my other Yamaha keyboards
and synths,
assorted samplers,
midi controllers,
my Novation MiniNova
and a variety
of effects pedals;
the Korg Kaossilator
and the KP Mini
a handful of
and a few
multitrack recorders,
some analogue,
some digital.

Thousands of dollars
all spent in the service
of making
musical recordings,
still hoping I will be
“discovered”at 52,

the World’s Oldest
Child Prodigy.


  1. Its have the courage to follow a matter what the consequences :D To hope.. to engage in folly... is part of life :D
    Loved your poem!
    Have a great week :D

  2. No, no ~ tis not a folly to submerge oneself in music! I love your poem

  3. This is exactly what I had in mind---and I tend to rate your Folly as more on the decorative adornment side than the wasteful or sinister--because there is at least one person who gets enjoyment, and possibly other intangible but worthwhile things from it.. I also love how the names of the various musical toys become very poetic themselves as you list them for us, further ornament to the Folly that pleases--thanks so much for participating.

  4. Hey, Mosk, all you really need is two turntables and a microphone! Wanna start a band?

  5. This is perfect!! My husband holds this same dream and in the meantime...the music is a lifeline.

  6. I am laughing out loud with true commiseration. Been there, still there, got the t-shirt. LOL. Ever seen a 68 year old Shirley Temple?

  7. Love how the list of guitars and paraphernalia ends in a trombone whimper.

  8. There is a delicate balance between following a dream and the waste of overspending.. but hey, why not feed the market with our money, you are doing us all a service.. and I think you will be discovered.

  9. I recently auditioned for a musical theater production, and was cast! (jYes, we are close in age.) You just never know. Never stop dreaming. :)

  10. A man's gotta dream...It's never too late until it is.

  11. I just discovered you-you rock!

  12. Oh dear — dunno whether to laugh or cry.

  13. If it's any comfort, America was much older when it was discovered, so you are still a child prodigy.

  14. Ha! This I can well understand! Sounds pretty great to me! Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)

  15. i like this time is the essence of this tale; to be discovered or not that is the dilemma

    much love...

  16. Awww.. Don't be too hard on yourself. Self-expression is where it's at!

    PS. Your Feedjit App is quite cool - I like to see which satellite my signal bounces off - I certainly am very far from Parow, Western Cape! Either that or the phone lines in SA are more tangled than I thought.

  17. Can I be in you and MZ's band, Mosky? I can look soooo intense while playing tambourine! They'll discover you yet.

    la la M-m-m-myyyy Mosky (lol)