Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter 55

Virgin birth? Life after death?
Have you been smoking meth?

At attention, in your pews,
straining for any good news?

Heard not in any church,
hidden books I did search.

Hanging there, as a wraith,
not demanding assent of faith,

seems not a divine plan;
more likely by profane man.


Jesus’ death saved everyone.


  1. And yet we have never been more lost.

    1. Hence, the perpetual need for the Christ.

  2. A concept I always have difficulty wrapping my head the staccato rapping out of words here in these little hammer-hit couplets.

    1. My problem was always: ok, so I'm not saved (reunited with God) if I don't say it out loud? Bullshit, sez I! If, in Adam's fall, we sinned all (regardless of action), then the sacrifice of the Christ redeems all (regardless of actions)!

      May you be comforted. :)

  3. I will say "Yup!" also, Buddah. It would never be my plan.
    BUT if it is God's plan, then that is the only plan
    we have in using to escape his Wrath. :) ??
    So I'm taking my chance, basing my hope. You?

  4. I think God's "wrath" is incompatible with God's grace, therefore, I believe all are saved, without profession of faith. Eventually, I believe all with come around, Blessing upon you my brother, mosk

  5. Indeed, Buddah. A Deity capable of so much love and forgiveness wouldn't conjure a place of eternal torture. Man, on the other hand? Yup.

  6. What Buddah said. God's gotta be nicer than I am, and I don't want anyone damned to hell. Well, maybe once in awhile...but not for keeps. Happy Easter and Passover and everything else.

  7. I think human beings add a lot on to the original, pure messages of the great spiritual teachers.