Thursday, October 06, 2011

Between Teal and the Blues

The name
Sensory Processing Disorder
doesn’t do justice
to the confusion
disorganization and
chaos inside her.

Her problems are so subtle
that describing them
sounds like I am grasping at
a ghost,
a fantasy diagnosis
that doesn’t really exist.

I’m sure some see her
as a demon
as a freak
as a misfit.

If she could perceive
the world clearly
then she would see
there is more to the world
than rules and unsolvable puzzles,
if the world could
perceive her clearly
then they would see
there is more to her
than anger and misery.

How do you describe
to a colorblind person
the difference in hue
between teal and the blues?


  1. If the world could see us for who we really are, the human condition itself would be such a different experience... Was the ending meant to be a sort of double-meaning? Cos that's what I took... Anyways, well done.

  2. I enjoyed reading this and like the closing lines very much.

  3. I'm with Linda on the closing lines!

  4. I have someone with sensory issues, and so I felt your poem A LOT. Thank you, for expressing things that need expressed. Thinking of you and yours and praying too.