Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grandpa Dracula

He used to be sexy
with his slim figure and
sharpened fangs.

His cool demeanor
and sartorial elegance
mesmerized women
into breathlessly
offering up their necks
as prelude to
their pulsating

Flowers with
thick eyelashes
shiny red lips
and pendulous curves
would avoid his gaze
for fear they’d be tempted
past the point
of redemption.

But now,
he’s Grandpa Dracula,
fat, toothless
and domesticated.

They look
straight into his eyes,
and chat with him easily,
and it is
than being invisible:

he is deemed
cute and harmless.

The eternal life
he coveted,
remains forever elusive,
as he replays his memories,
which mock him
like an endless stream
of Viagra commercials.


  1. Love this. Tickled funny bone. Warmed heart. :)

  2. Very cute post. Made me smile.

  3. Well, I guess Dracula is like the rest of us as we age, heh? Not quite as sexy as we used to be.

    I can't help feeling sorry for obese Grandpa Dracula, his image shattered and toothless rather than sharp toothed!