Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rainbow Lesson

I looked out
my gray
office window
and I saw
a perfect rainbow,

the arc
of glorious color

and for the first time
in my life
I saw
where both ends
settled on the horizon.

This was a
completely unexpected

I grabbed my cell phone
and snapped a quick picture
but that didn't do it justice.

So, I opened my word processor
to try and capture that thrill,
that catch in my throat,
but when I turned again to look
it was gone,
lost somewhere
in the dirty white clouds
over the Southern California basin.

I felt the pang of loss immediately,
but I was
too grateful to be disappointed

because I just learned
everything I need to know
for the rest of my life.

(Note: This was written a few years ago, and it seemed appropriate to the prompt of being alive in the moment.  So, I offer it up for D'Verse Meeting at the Bar.  Check it out at )


  1. ...and it will remain within your heart forever. Sometimes our memory is the best picture.

  2. Laurie's comment is perfect. I have experienced perfect rainbow once in my life and don't have a picture.

  3. I like how you captured the moment...I think some moments are meant to be savored because it goes away very quickly ~

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    This absolutely captures the point of Victoria's prompt, and the Buddhist philosophy of simply enjoying and completely surrendering to existing in one present moment. Excellent ending.

  5. Those are the BEST kinds of rainbows to see, and you don't get to catch them. I think they are very special as well. So glad you shared this from the archives.

  6. Oh, I like those last two stanzas! Really brought this one home!

  7. those last lines-- brilliant.

  8. Can't help but feel that part of the moment was missed by trying to capture it before it was over. I am someone who loves taking photographs, but sometimes I think I would experience a special event better if I left the camera at home...

  9. The moments that are too fast to catch still can leave something behind that lasts. This matches up to the prompt nicely.

  10. YES, that last stanza. Exactly.It.

  11. grateful to be disappointed, because there's so much to learn

  12. Rainbows are so special somehow..they fill us with a moment of awe and joy....a wonderful moment to savour :)

  13. Shows experiencing the moment is where we have to be

  14. This brought back the thrill I experienced when I first saw the end of a rainbow. In a churchyard, seen from the top of a bus. Thanks for it.

  15. Wow, Buddhah. I just saw one this week in Palm Desert...when I saw your reference to SoCal I thought perhaps it was the same one. I like how you caught the ephemerality of it (is that a word?)

  16. nature is our best inspiration

  17. carpe diem my friend!! love your blog