Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rapture Strategy

The world is coming
to and end
and we couldn’t be happier for it!

While we don’t appreciate
all the evil in this world:
the fornicators
the drive-thru abortionists
the sexually deviant
the slave owners
the torturers,

we are grateful,
as their sinfulness
rockets us closer to
the Rapture.

Reaching out to them
in compassion and
might work against us,
for if we really loved them
and understood them,
they might change their ways
and then
the homosexuality
the abortions
the war
the wholesale destruction
of precious life
might cease

and there might be
Heaven on Earth,

and that just can’t be
permitted to exist!

How the Hell
is the Rapture
going to get here
if we love and
take care of each other
and this world,
and make ourselves
as sinless as possible?

It can’t
and it won’t!

we just won’t presume
the inherent sinfulness of Man,
and the necessity
to turn to Jesus,

we need to
foment the misery,
and slaughter,
so that it becomes
so abhorrent
that Messiah will return

and take us up
with Him in His rocket ship
to Heaven

and leave the rest of
His Fouled Creation
to wallow in the filth
and fire of the nonbeliever.

I ask the congregation:

do you believe?

(Written for #OpenLinkNight)


  1. Powerful...and I do believe!!

  2. I believe that, what will be, will be. Without so-called sin and sinners, there would be no need for a God, would there?

  3. might think this with the apathy of many a church these days...all about the leaving behind as opposed to loving what you pointed write...

  4. ya matter if he comes with a rocket ship or however...i hope i'm on board...and agree that only love that is real will change things.. (and a rocket ship would be really smiles)

  5. You've gotten at a rather scary and profound truth here, whether these heretic-excluders are aware of it or not. To me, it's just another face of addiction--addiction to 'god as myself,' with my prejudices and values, to a paradise that is always built on someone else's hell. Very well expressed, also, just talking language.

  6. I believe too, I believe there are many crazies..haha...powerful...and yeah they need those sinners.

  7. I believe the faceless, judge less, fence less, color uniting, gender binding, force of freedom is found in the universal all-connecting Love. Without all of the technical religious "stuff," out there, all that would remain is Love. I believe it's the answer.

    Really great poem, Buddah. Honest and beautifully written. Thanks. ~Smiles~Hannah

  8. I wanna ride the rocket, I wanna ride the rocket!

    Give 'em Hell Buddah! The only thing better than a diatribe is a poetic diatribe!


    Mark Butkus

  9. Do I detect a slight bit of sarcasm here? ;-) An honest write. I vote for a space ship too, though. :-D

    Too many forget "the merciful shall obtain mercy."

  10. hey, no little white lies... sin is sin no matter the size... praising God for His grace

  11. Ha! Way to nail this one, Mosk. Such a delicious irony in trying to bring heaven on earth, meaning that somehow the messiah is thwarted! Duh. I'm not always sure I recognize the Bible some of the more enthusiastic rapture-folks are quoting. Preach it.

  12. Nothing like a little blunt honesty to open people's eyes and minds up just a bit. Love the choice of language here, very real, suits the message of the poem so well. Another great Mosk write!

  13. My favorite phrase regarding believing at the moment is: "I believe. Forgive though my unbelief." A powerful write.

  14. I like the sarcasm and disbelief of our salvation. But I hope I will be on the rocket ship too ~

  15. AMEN, BRUDDAH! This one'll preach all day next week in the United Church of Christ... not. You nailed 'em, baby, that's why I love you!

    Your sistah, Ameleh (my dverse:)

  16. I love the Swiftian elements here...

  17. LOL! So serious and yet so funny... and true?

  18. A powerful truth here---let's vote for peace--

  19. Great how the piece has me declare my get to the unspoken part of my needs...kudos

  20. Wow, you almost got me saying an Amen! The irony is surely well placed, and I think your pinpointing such fallacies and hypochrisies in the views you lampoon is right on target. I never could understand a worlview that'd encourage pain and suffering simply because it believes in pie in the sky, triumphalist daydreams. The sad thing is that there are many who hold just this view, and it is becoming a part of the cultural and political preconceptions of an entire country.

  21. Thanks for all the great comments. This is actually written for my daughter Sarah, who attends a private Christian high school where they spend far too much time on "the Rapture" and she finds it rather

    This was written to help her get another perspective on the matter. She'll recognize her Pop-o's sense of humor here.

  22. I already loved this, then read your comment about why it was written. What Would Jesus Do, indeed. Powerful stuff, my talented friend.

  23. oh my, evocative, sarcastic, witty, a nice commentary on the climate of intolerance we live in.

  24. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Good questions rather playfully asked. Playful might not be the right word--clever--

    One typo (I'm sorry, but I make them all the time)--I think you mean "an end" in second line.

    I also love the title of your book. K.

  25. jackie Dick8:00 PM

    Thanks for tired of hearing about the Rapture...but if we do go, let's do it in a rocket ship! Then we can start another world and have yet another Rapture. This is witty, and love the irreverance!

  26. Written for your daughter... I do hope she reads the comments as well. I had to come back and read this again for Lex. He loved it! Hey, it's all about love - and that makes the disdain and intolerance all the funnier. Howling again near midnight. Love you!! Amy

  27. Well, it is an age-old method, isn't it? Tear someone down to make yourself look better? Salvation while standing on your brother's head in order to appear closer to heaven.

    I have a clear idea of how I think people should treat each other and acts like that are devastating to all.

    I believe.

  28. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I definitely believe....and I like this piece....may even share this with a S.S. class some day!

    r.m. @