Monday, March 18, 2013

Parking Structure

I drove past
the old parking
to find it
had been
torn down

and my heart let
out a little gasp
and a silent

In our early days,
when we couldn’t
go to her place
or my place
other obligations
were there),

for a brief
we’d park in a
and we’d kiss and
caress and
make love
hiding in plain sight.

The best parking structures
were the busy ones
at the courthouse,
where you had
to pay to get in.

In those, everyone was
too consumed with
trying to find a space
and get on
with their business
and they had
no time to waste
looking for
pulled down pants
breasts exposed
tongues darting
closed eyes.

We’d pay our 50 cents
find a spot
and go at it.

50 cents,
the cheapest motel
of all.

But times have changed
and we now have
the privacy of our
marital bedroom
and it is
a different excitement

but still,
there’s nothing quite like
making love in public
as cars drive by
knowing that
each one of them
is too busy
to notice
young new
wet slippery
nervous awkward

They were in their
businesslike hurry
to quickly park
make their deals
cash their checks
make their transactions
and get richer,

but I’m sure
every one of them
would’ve traded places
with me
in a heartbeat.


  1. haha...yes, i think they might have...oh you brought back some memories, probably better no divulged in public...haha is something about being so close to being caught but not....we will leave it at that...ha....nice write brother...

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Mr. Miller best to be discreet. I know every couple has stories like this, and I had to memorialize mine.

  3. Ha, I enjoyed this one. And I admire your ingenuity in finding just the right place.... I do, however, think you were brave as well as ingenious. It would take only ONE cop to be driving through; but young love doesn't think that way, I know!

    1. Yes, it was young love, but we were nowhere near young (as I was 38 years old and the Dean at a local college).

      Ah, memories!

  4. young new
    wet slippery
    nervous awkward

    can be at any age.

    I'm torn between wondering what your other half thinks of this piece and just sitting here grinning.

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. I think she likes this poem, and likes even better that I published it under a pseudonym.

  5. My ex liked this kind of stuff and I never have. Maybe that's one reason why we are divorced? There might possibly be other reasons, too! ;-)

    Anyway, I could feel the hurry and bustle going on outside the steamy windows of the car. You always deliver an interesting read, Mosky.

    1. I'm certainly not an exhibitionist, but our passions ran very high. I'm sure there are other, more salient reasons why you're divorced. Thanks for your kind comment about my writing style.

  6. Anonymous2:18 AM

    A well crafted story that had me in its grip from the first few lines.

    1. Thanks so much - yes, if your imagination is half as good as the reality, then it'd be twice as good as this poem.

  7. Man, you took me back to my first kiss with Lex, in the front of his old Ford truck. What is it about cars and trucks and all that makes it so tempting, so illicit? I actually held my breath during the poem, hoping you wouldn't get caught!

    And yeah, those schnooks cashing the Almight Shekel should be so lucky, right? Your loving sistah, Ameleh

  8. Finally found you, Mr. Mosk. I love this sooo true poem. I wouldn't trade anything for the outdoor excitement. A car parked in a beach parking lot was a biggie for me.

  9. What a wonderful drive into the past!

  10. Anonymous3:08 PM

    is too busy
    to notice
    young new
    wet slippery
    nervous awkward

    you have quite the good memory, that's exactly how i remember it as well. a great read, i'm a soft touch for romance nostalgia, more than half my poems are devoted to 'her'. and thanks again for your great comment on my poem, really put my mind at ease. *smiles*