Friday, November 15, 2013

Deathbed Advice

Open your heart and
free the caged
bluebird inside.

Ignore the empty buzzing
voices of those who
mean well
but contribute nothing.

You were born with a shovel
so dig,
and if you find something
you don’t like,
Don’t keep digging.
Turn it over,
examine it
accept its dirt and grime,
for it is yours.

There is pity in the parade
and joy inside the tear,
and when you look in
that funhouse mirror
don’t disown the image:
just because the mirror is warped
doesn't mean you’re not.

if you look in the funhouse mirror
and like the what you see
you’re home free.

The only thing to hold
is your memory
but if you live too long,
the memories pile up
like old newspapers,

so start shedding
the superfluous memories,
keeping only the cream,

and if you must
write them out,
do it
and then let them die
on the page.


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Such an intense poem with a powerful message. The past can bury us if we let it.

  2. Really nice. You manage to say a lot in your short stanzas.

    1. Thanks, I tend to think in short stanzas. Long stanzas sound hectoring and lecturing to me.

  3. ha. i think i will look in the fun house mirror and see what i see...i saw a sign today that said, if you feel out of control, you are probably going the right direction....i like hte examination of what we dig up that we dont like too....