Monday, November 18, 2013

Finding Things, Losing Things

Sometimes you just
lose things,
like the spare keys
to the strongbox
where your
homemade sex video hides,
or those tickets
to the Elton John concert
she wanted to see
in 1996.

Sometimes you find things
and you thank
the God of Lost Items
because you can’t figure
how your sunglasses
ended up in the crisper,
but you’re just so happy
to have found them
because they’re perfect.

Sometimes you just
lose things,
like the firecracker spark
of a new passion,
or the receipt from
the movie you ducked into
to stay out of the rain,
the one where she took
your hand without asking
and changed the course
of your life.

Sometimes you find things
like forgiveness when it
isn't deserved,
and ecstasy for nothing more
than the infinite blue
of the sky above.

when you find something,
like something to write about,
rejoice and celebrate,
but when you lose something,
like the clever summation
of these thoughts 
I'd envisioned,

let it go and
move forward.


  1. nice...i like how you go from the tangible treasures....the tangible the intangible...the grace and forgiveness...ha...and nice truth as well on letting go the things we lost...not always all...

  2. Lovely poem, I really like the sweet, romantic bit where she held your hand. I do have to point out, though, that it is hard to let lost stuff go when you are compelled to keep going back to the place where the stuff should be.

  3. That 3rd stanza got me all choked up. This is a perfectly spilled progression.