Wednesday, January 22, 2014


“Be gone.
I’m giving you
the chance to escape

You might think
you’re a badass
picking on little girls,
but some of them
have fathers,

and I have
a long memory,
a longer anger
and an infinite hatred
for bullies.

You came sniffing
around the wrong
because I can
and will
make a call
and you’ll vanish,

but first,

I know this freak
who was raped
when he was a little boy
and I never turned him on
to Jesus.
I just kept feeding his
homicidal rage,
and he can’t hold down
a job,
and he doesn’t have one,
except when I call on him.

He’s a freak because
he likes to tape everything
he does
to my referrals.

Ever see someone
tasered almost to death,
brought back,
and tasered again
and again and
Your mom will love
that one.

When Norman
ties you down
and shoves
the spiky, kinky
barbed wire
and what not
up your backside,
he’ll strip out
the audio of
your screaming and pleading,
and remix it
to a house beat
and play it
on a boombox
outside the window
where your dad works.
He’ll understand,

didn’t your father
ever tell you
not to pick on
little girls?”


  1. oh shit.
    dont want to meet norman in a dark alley...and he may work better than a shotgun facing down a boyfriend that knows no better....or one that just likes to pick...which burns me up...if norman is busy...give me a call...smiles.

    1. I just told Buddah I wouldn't have needed a third party, not when my girl was young!!

  2. Goodness...Norman would certainly be a deterrent I would think..I hate bullies too. My innocence and childhood was destroyed by one.

  3. Holy crap, Buddah, this was harsh. Sounds like something I would have said when my Riley was little, though. Except it wouldn't have been done by a third party. Talk about revenge, man, this one's so deep, so dark, so effective.

    GREAT stuff, my bruddah. Love, Ameleh (who has risen, if not from the dead, from the easy chair where she was held prisoner by depression and then a flu so bad I almost coughed up a lung...)

  4. Visceral. Go, Pappa Bear.