Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Necessary Evil

Thank God for the sinners,
the child-rapists.
the wife-beaters.
the small animal torturers.

God lets them all exist
because deep down
God is fair
and I know God
loves me too,

because I was put here to
create misery and panic
and heartache.

to mow down daisies
and set loose
the flamethrower
on the innocent brown victims.

If I weren't here
(or for that matter
then there'd be
no need for
Holy Grace,
no Christmas presents,
no Easter eggs,

because there would be
no need for God.

God created me
as a form of job security
because if I weren't here
causing a catastrophic illness,
or helping a battered wife
set fire to her sleeping husband,
everything would be
at one,

and no one would ever seek out
His holiness,
that sense of purpose
that transcendent Being.

So, the more I keep
stirring the pot,
the more you all
keep praying to your God
and the more He is happy.

Let’s face it,
without me,
God’s nothing.

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  1. ha - you can look at it like that as well...smiles... when i read the bible - it's full of imperfect people that god still tought worth talking me hope, you know...

  2. There is quite a bit of truth in what you say - although I can imagine some people would shoot you down for it... The first stanza had me thinking: 'What? I must have misread...', then things got clearer, but the last two stanzas are especially potent and chilling.

  3. Well, I guess evil DOES keep us focused on God. If there was no evil in the world, humans would perhaps forget about Him after a while as they went about their merriness feeling no need to seek further.

  4. This is what I tell myself.

  5. Battered wives get smart, outsmart wife-beaters. They dose them slow, not burn them fast. Listen to some Country music man. They drop cold

  6. I'm with you on this. All the more reason, I think, because I was educated (I use that term loosely) by Catholic nuns. Their god was spiteful, they were meaner than the proverbial junkyard dog.

  7. That is poetic justice..and it reminds me of the video clip of the movie 'a few good men' about handling the truth of the cruelty of war..and the necessary 'evil' of FULL reality...
    I suppose Nicholson..could have just as easily been opposed to EVIL..
    as it can be so hard..
    to handle

  8. hmm... I'm not sure what to say... It's a powerful poem.

  9. Anonymous4:15 PM

    that free will really can bite us in the butt.

  10. wow, pretty blown away by this... mostly cause I've never thought to look at all the bad in this world that way... it's totally true tho... you can't have one without the other.
    if u believe in a God, then u believe in a devil; if u don't believe in a God, then it would be pointless to believe in a devil... great write.

  11. You have a point that's for sure...I get it.

  12. Anonymous9:39 PM

    pleased to meet you - hope you get my name ~

  13. …ah, I hear you… what a strong statement you have just shared… loved it! smiles…

  14. what an interesting way of looking at it...we do so much against the gates of heaven you know...not that we intend, but find ourselves in...and yeah...i hear you brother....

  15. Ooooo. This is dark, my friend.

  16. Ha ha. This is awesome. :) Killer POV.