Tuesday, February 11, 2014

With Sweetness and Wonder

He stumbled through
grad school,
and a first marriage
that didn't survive a season.

He philandered,
ejaculated hatred,
and received
a death threat
credible enough
that the cops advised him
to hide.

He hid in her house,
lost himself in
her PTSD,
and finally found his way out
only after
a painful, adulterous affair,
his father’s
unexpected cardiac arrest,
and two planes
flying into
two buildings
almost knocked him
off his axis.

Since then
he remarried,
bought a house,
raised kids.

he hit 24 years of sobriety,
and I've seen him
through every frame
of that movie.

The fact that
he can slip
at any given moment,
and somehow doesn't,
imbues his every day
with sweetness
and wonder.

[Written for #openlinknight at - love poetry? Get'cher ass ovah there!]


  1. is a sweet wonder how we make it at times....from where we came to where we are...the screw ups that got us to the point we could figure it out a bit...and hey, 24 years...not bad at all...congrats man...

    1. Thanks, brother. I have more than my share of screw-ups too.

  2. woot! congrats on 24 years ob sobriety - that is awesome - glad that life changed for good for him - and keep walking on that good path..

    1. Thanks, and yes it only takes one step to start down the wrong path.

  3. Oh life is balancing all the time.. good that after slipping he managed to climb up again... sometimes we need those reminders... hopefully not all of us need death threats and twin-towers tumbling to raise again.

  4. I think it is that very wonder that makes it all worthwhile... and 24 years... a hard-earned gift!

    1. That's beautiful - the wonder makes it worth while. Thanks.

  5. Wow, 24 years, that is something. But you're right, it can disappear in one good slug, I know because of my mom. "Knocked him on his axis," great. A life story worth sharing, my bruddah. Sorry I've been absent, but depression, flu, depression, tax depression, y'know. Amy

    1. Don't apologize I'm glad you commented! One good slug can undo it all! Thanks.

  6. Amazing how the darkest nights of life..
    can lead to the brightest lights
    of change..and ya earned that..i think..
    there is no other way..
    i knowNOw.

    1. Yes, and when you know better , you must do better, else all that pain is in vain! Thanks.

  7. Those last three lines say why we all carry on carrying on.

  8. Thanks, Viv. There is much sweetness in these days.

  9. I'm so glad you've found sweetness and turned your life around… gives hope to all of us, facing our own demons.

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I find this to be sweet and wonderful --- if only because bitterness and pain make later peace and joy taste so very sweet. <3