Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Space is an Illusion

Space is an illusion
not only is the glass
always full
(it is half water and half air),

but the glass is connected
to the air
that is connected to you
and to me
and to everything .

The illusion is that
such false divisions
even exist at all:

what separates
the property from the boundary
the inside from the outside?

Nothing can exist
because everything
is connected
to everything else.

The Buddha knew it
and so did the Christ,
and sometimes
so do I.

So, why then
do I keep swimming

trying to stand
from everything else?

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  1. yep... everything is connected to everything else...i like your thoughts here...never thought about the glass being full anyway...ha... it depends often on how we look at things...

  2. Really good question...

  3. ha. perhaps trying to seperate yourself from those that do not acknowledge the connection...denying it, we allow ourselves to live without thought....

  4. I think that we somehow never have caught this little snag.. everything is connected, so why should we set ourselves apart. a very valid question.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I like this- such thoughts keep me smiling. Existential nothingness with impact. : )

  6. Oh my, one of those existential questions that can make your brain hurt from thinking about it.... And now you've got me doing just that. Great write!

  7. Some thoughts to ponder, everything is connected to the universe..each fiber held together but, sometimes a thread breaks and it needs to be woven back into
    the cloth of life..

  8. Anonymous6:00 PM

    the eternal question ~

  9. Because you're really a salmon:)

  10. And sometimes so do I... what an injection of wry humour! Because you are a poet and there must question everything and try to do everything differently? As an author I met at the weekend said: 'We writers are not the navy, we're pirates!'

  11. Anonymous7:24 AM

    True enough, that we do love our 'personal space'.

  12. I think is is good to just accept our dual nature and trust yourself in both kinds of consciousness.

  13. sometimes we need to feel separation in order to recognize ourselves in one another… in everyone and everything, breathing together.

  14. So true and loved that question in the end-worth pondering:-)

  15. Christ set himself apart from man as He did not sin. He neither lived in or of the world in a worldy manner. To pursue being "Christ-like" as to be Christian is to live in the way He would have us which is set apart from the world and worldly desires. This is the pursuit of enlightenment which Christ attained. In the same way that the monk sets himself apart from society and pursues enlightenment like Krishna as Buddhist. This is the same enlightenment that we seek when we try to set ourselves apart from being conformed by the world we live in. To set one's self apart in this way is a good thing. It brings peace, love, comfort, and joy where there was none. Understanding and wisdom comes through seeking this enlightenment by trying to set ourselves apart. I know that I am not perfect, but I certainly try to be unique and not conformed by this world. Therefore, I seek this enlightenment and try very hard to set myself apart. This is the space my spirit lives free.