Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That Elusive, Undying Flavor

The hunger never leaves
and it rarely takes a break.

Like a furnace,
it keeps demanding
coal, fuel,
lest its flame die.

The world is one
endless smorgasbord
of desire and temptation
and I have committed
to keeping kosher.

Tamed desires are
merely tastes and
I want
that wildfire,
so consuming,
an all-encompassing conflagration
moving with such velocity
that I no longer care
whether I am alive
or I am dying.

When I find
that thing,
that elusive, unending flavor,
I will consume it
and consume it
and consume it

until I can
no longer
desire it,
or anything else,
ever again.


  1. that fire will take us if we consume too much of it
    unless of course it is something worthy
    our death to all other

  2. Is it possible to be completely consumed by desire & temptation to the point you no longer desire it? I can think of food but this kind of passion never lets up ~ Enjoyed this one ~ Hope you are having a wonderful week ~

  3. "An endless smorgasbord of desire and temptation" and you've committed to keeping kosher! Love the metaphor. You know, kosher can be delicious too...

  4. This works on all levels Buddah.