Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Inevitable Conclusion

No poetry.
No wisdom.
No insight.

Just life
and work
and mental illness
and discouragement.

I always said
if I'm not writing,
then I'm not a writer.

This blog mocks me
just waiting for something
to give it purpose.

So, I'm going on hiatus,
as they say in TV land
where my dreams of writing began.

Thank you for the kind words.
Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for making me believe
I wasn't invisible.

There is a heaviness
in my heart lately
and before I surrender
and let it win,
I need to get offstage.

Maybe I'll be back,
but if you ever want
to get in touch with me,
just read what I've left here.

When you read me,
then there is no existential question
of whether I exist,
whether I matter.

When you read me
I am in your mind,
and if I ever make it through
to your heart,
to your soul,

that's closest
of all.

With much love
and respect,

this is your humble servant
Buddah Moskowitz

signing off
for now.


  1. and when you return...look me up...
    but in the mean time travel light...
    find what gives you life...and give it back...
    live long and prosper...
    nanu nanu...


  2. Good words of support and encouragement, which is why you're loved by one and all. Thanks, my brother,

    Live long and Prosper
    Nanu Nanu


  3. Oh go'wan then, Mosky the Meany. Just leave me here with nothing but the poetically fading light. Hmmf.

    Hugs and a pop in the nose for leaving. >:-(


    your friend the Fireblossom

  4. Mosk, you will be misses while you are gone. You were never invisible to me. Peace be with you.

  5. I know I have missed a lot, but I look forward to reading what you've written. Hope you have a good hiatus. Write a little so you stay poetically limber. Hopefully, by the time I read everything you will be back. Hugs. You are never invisible, you are always worthy of attention.

  6. you aren't invisible - whether you write or not - i understand the need of a hiatus, of sorting things, of finding that spark again that makes us feel alive... all the best for the journey sir - and you surely will be missed!!

  7. Psst...Hey're not alone buddy, that heaviness is rampant among poets these days I'd say. Perhaps it is that we carry too much of the worlds beauty, destruction, love, hate, hope and helplessness in our hearts. That tends to get heavy man, and I think there's a little Atlas in all of us, *shrug* or maybe I'm just blowing smoke up your ass because I wish you'd reconsider? lol

    Take your hiatus, it's such a lovely word, n'est-ce-pas? You will be missed but know that we're all in this together dude and we'll still be here when you come back, and you WILL I just know it! :)

    Peace and love my brother,


  8. You are wonderful, online and off. I'll be waiting for you. :)

  9. hey - just thought i'd stop by and say hello... hugs my friend...hope life is not too hard on you...

  10. hey man,

    i hope you hiatus is going well...and life is a little less heavy...if not now then soon...

  11. I miss you already. Send your muses my way. I've been trying to write more, but offline, for a book. I'll let you know how it goes. Take care. Do what you have to do and then come back soon! Hugs!

  12. I miss your words. well as your visits. As Brian says, above, I also hope your hiatus is going and hugs from TX! <3

  13. I hope peace will find you again and you'll be back. Namaste.

  14. Mosk! I've been flirting with these hiatuses (hiati?) too. I hope you come back. Your writing is so powerful. And we out in the blogosphere (when we're not off shouldering our own heavinesses and AWOL) miss you. Just letting you know.