Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Yay, Fullerton!"

We were transfixed,
watching the
slow-speed chase
that Friday afternoon
in 1994.

A white Bronco,
an unlikely center of attention,
an even more unlikely
murder suspect
who held a gun
to his head
as his narcissism
would not allow

From our
Southern California
living room,
my Pop and I
as the newscopters
followed O.J.
from Mission Viejo
north to Irvine,
Santa Ana,

and as if on cue,
we both looked
skyward out of the
sliding glass patio door
and saw the
tiny army of helicopters
that was taping the chase
from above,
the chase that was beamed
to the world
and to our living room
in Fullerton.

We smiled
and cheered,
not for O.J.,
but because we felt
a perverse pride
that our modest hometown
was part of this
news story.

“Yay, Fullerton!”

It’s still one
of my favorite memories
of my Pop.


  1. ha. i remember watching was rather mind blowing..
    and hey whatever it takes for your town to be recognized eh? smiles.
    interesting too the moments we cling to like that...i had a dad that
    was disinterested...he just did not know how to connect with me
    and i did not put the effort into it until much later in life myself.

  2. I like your sense of humor and history ~ Indeed a lovely memory with your father ~

    Thanks for sharing, smiles ~

  3. Strange how certain moments/memories of a passed parent can stick with us...the date, place, and time forever fixed in our mind.....I hope he lived a full for OJ,, he would have been better off pleading guilty, that it was a crime of passion and uncontrolled rage...temporary insanity..if he owns it before he dies, I will be surprised

  4. some moments live with you forever.."as his narcissism / would not allow / suicide"...
    enjoyed the lines thoroughly...

  5. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Yes, I have a few of those too... like a movie we watched together, or an event we shared. It seems that events galvanize our memories.

  6. I still can't believe he got off.

  7. You draw such a vivid scene, and the final stanza is perfect.

  8. I remember this event well, watching from here in Vegas.
    This is well spilled. Love that final thought.