Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Keep This Moment

Keep this moment
as a memory
but not a museum piece.

Make this moment always shine
like a diamond 
under a spotlight, 
make it sing like
a bird before dawn.

Let it be alive,
a rose in perfect bloom,
thick and swollen
with red passion.

Let your fingers
slide over and pluck
this stringed harp
and feel the reverberation
deep in your soul,
echoing a million times
or more.

Keep this moment
and really study the light
caught in her hair,
her lips,
moist and inviting.

Keep this moment
because somedays
the sun will be hidden
and the birds will be asleep
and you'll need
these memories
to get you through.

Keep this moment,
I know you can't,
but that doesn't mean
you shouldn't try.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    An eloquent reminder.

  2. it might be that i am watching the country music awards as i read this but it came out rather lyrical to me...take the moment for what it is...cause all too soon it will be gone....