Monday, November 17, 2014

The Bill Cosby Rape Accusations Have Me Very, Very Afflicted...Right!

1. She was raped
at knife point.

No question.

She reported it
but justice was
decades away.

I believed her
and lived with her
and her hyper-vigilance
and her PTSD
and her inability
to emotionally connect
with me.

2. Did I ever tell you
that I was accused
of rape as well?

She was
an angry married sow
who wantonly pursued me
right after my wife left
and she boiled
when I didn't beg her
to leave her husband
after we fucked,
stupid and sweaty
in a hazy, August afternoon.

She couldn't bear
to be discarded
as easily as I did
(which is why you
don't fuck
newly divorced people)
so she told her
hillbilly caveman husband
I raped her.
He threatened to kill me.

Three months
after we fucked,
then came the
wrapped in a false accusation.

3. Lessons Learned:

Time is of the essence:
if you're raped,
report it immediately.

If you're falsely accused,
defend yourself immediately.

Don't give any one
any time
to make up
their own versions
of what happened.


  1. Love the title, hate what happened to you. I feel like we need an Informed Consent form, which both people must sign and each goes home with a copy. But then, I'm sure there is an app for that.

    Everyone blames the victim, and in this case, many think the victim is that purveyor of Jell-O, Everybody's Favorite Dad... I have plenty of friends in SoCal who have known Bill Cosby forever and say he is an ungrateful, pontificating turd who does treat women badly... VERY badly. Rape is in my wheelhouse, albeit in childhood. He is a disgusting man who made America laugh.

    He is Fuck Dynasty. Sorry about your past experience. I, too, was accused of an affair with a married man, but it's never rape for women. We just end up being big bitches. And damn, I never got any sex out of it. Not even a kiss!! Love, Ameleh

  2. I'm not conflicted any more. As soon as the deposition - a legal document- came forth, I had no trouble seeing his predatory nature.