Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Hypochondriac Speaks

How I hate to visit
Urgent Care,
as unseen germs float
in virulent air,
and nothing I can do
will quell my despair,
just find a safe spot
and try not to stare.

I know you can't control it,
but try covering your sneeze.
By the look of your symptoms,
no one wants your disease.
On my left, he's burning up
On my right, she's in the freeze.
Hurry, doctor, hurry,
I'm feeling weaker by degrees.

My chest is feeling tighter,
Please make this wait more fast.
Finally, they called my name,
Thank God, some care, at last!
Check my vitals, ask a few things,
It's worse than thought, alas!
What I thought was a myocardial infarction,
turned out to be only gas.


  1. Whew! Ha, I think sometimes one can really work oneself into a state while waiting to be seen in Urgent Care! Glad it was just something simple.

  2. A little disappointed, were we? LOL.

    La La

  3. Wow, an urgent care nightmare. We can really work ourselves into a frenzy, can't we?