Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This predator
courses through my veins
and I cannot stop him,
I cannot ignore him.

When I am held
by the unmistakable scent,
the breathy low moan,
the contoured shadows
of the feminine breast,
I know he is
at the wheel.

I have tried
to work with this fiend,
naively thinking
I could
control him,
he demands payment,
he demands food,
he demands flesh.

He rarely waits
and he listens
even less.

The worst part
is knowing
he is the untamed
beast of the man
that she craves
in spite of
her protestations;

(even those women
who purport to be
over this wretched

for these ladies
will surrender
their dignity,
without remorse
or shame,
and the bastard will laugh
and consume them,
leaving only
unclothed skin.

I can’t entirely blame him
as he’s got me laid
more than a few times,

and besides,
he’s only a chemical,
an amoral, inculpable chemical .

Even as he wanes
and dissipates into
his slow and flaccid death,
he’ll still have the last laugh
as he abandons you,
in all your spongy
with a wife
who is taking your
situational impotence

way too personally.

[Written for Poets United and their Predator prompt,]


  1. You cannot be held responsible for another's actions or inactions. This is amazing, B.

  2. OH! Oh! Clever to personify this raving lunatic, and enjoy him (to a point) at the same time. I'll have to trust your observations on women as your own experience.

  3. ouch! ouch! ouch! okay blame it on the "wretched / biology", that bracket did some wonder job here :-D)

  4. Gah, I am the first to comment? Where to begin? I smiled all the way through at your signature wit, kiddo.........the "situational impotence" cracked me up. As did the beast that got you laid. This made me smile, at the end of a long day and that's a good thing.

  5. You're right it's him not me...I'm as pure as the driven snow!

  6. Whooaa this is smoking hot!! Excellent write.

  7. I love the wry perspective - I think you are right biology defeats 'higher' thinking at times.. In some ways it's more honest for both parties to acknowledge that and enjoy it!

  8. "However,
    I can’t entirely blame him
    as he’s got me laid
    more than a few times,"

    LOL; wicked!

    much love...

  9. Well, it seems like a blessing as well as a curse!! A very brave poem.

  10. a strong write here I think, well done

  11. Oh, this cracked me up at the end. Totally unexpected.

  12. mmmm, i find this a little sinister, however can see some humour in it. However,
    I can’t entirely blame him
    as he’s got me laid
    more than a few times,