Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Sheer Good Luck of It All

We cringe
when watching movies
of unfaithful husbands
telling their girlfriends
“I’ll leave my wife for you”
because everyone watching
knows it is
an empty promise,
an IOU wrapped
in a chocolate box.

I was that husband
who cheated,
but I eventually left.

After I burned through
the guilt,
I married my girlfriend,
and I can honestly say
I have never been happier,
or more fulfilled
in my life.

Now I know why
we rarely see
this scenario
in the movies:

no one would believe
the sheer good luck
of it all.

I hardly do.


  1. I might leave a spouse for someone, but I would never leave my dog.

  2. I'm against infidelity, If someone is unhappy in a marriage or relationship, he or she should leave the person, not cheat on them. Leaving someone still hurts but at least it's honest. Cheating is plain wrong.

  3. Glad that you are happy, B. Your case is not the normal way of things.