Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Walk Me Through This Darkness, O Lord

Walk me through
this darkness O Lord,
I do not know
where You are taking me
but my faith tells me
I must follow and
I must be with You.
Walk me through
this darkness O Lord,
because I feel afraid
and I need the help
of something
and stronger
and wiser
who knows the ending
of the story.
Walk me through
this darkness, O Lord,
and guide me to where
there is light,
guide me to where
I can give her
some answers.
O Lord,
there's so much that
we do not understand,
like why you put
this malignant worm
inside of her brain,
inside of her soul,
and yes, I know
is a fool's question,
but I must ask.
Walk me through
this Darkness, O Lord
because I want to say
you owe me at least that
because I can't think of where
this Darkness came from
and it's so fucking huge
that no doctors in my HMO
can fix it.
Walk me through
this darkness, O Lord
and please forgive my anger.
Please forgive my questions.
Please forgive my doubtful heart. 

Please heal my daughter.


  1. Crying;
    You know we share that worm.

    Love you, sweetie.

    P.S. She needs a new lava lamp, Daddy. Lots of new stuff for her room, I think. Bed stuff, decorations, wall art. I know it sounds dumb, in light of things. But my owl wall art and little throw pillow that says "To thine own self be nice" are comforting to me when I fall down the well.

    I also have a security blanket that I hold and carry around the house, threading it around my fingers in a certain way. It's a Star Wars sheet I had as a child. ... She needs comfort items. What color is her room? You should repaint it together. In this house, I got to pick all the paint colors, for therapy. It lps. This Peacock Blue works best for me.

    You know I'm only saying these things because I know some of what she feels.

    One of those bubble machines for her room. A sound machine. Wrap squished up wrinkled foil around her fan blades. Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Apple scented candles. These things lessen the intensity of the pain.

  2. Oh, Mosk, I am so sorry you all are going through this pain. I most sincere prayer-poem here--and I pray, too, He walks you through.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

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  4. sorry you are hurting. sorry she is hurting. sorry you have to be the strong one.