Sunday, May 07, 2017

Raindrops Applauding

In the
flash rain storm,

I sit on the swing,
under the patio cover
listening to 

millions of raindrops
applauding my decision

to sit outside
and enjoy it.


  1. Oh wow. That is perfection! Can I come over?

    I love how the title feeds into the first line: "Raindrops applauding in the(e)" ... It makes me think of internal rain, which is obviously gorgeous. Because of course we have weather going on inside us --- and not just in the nasty digestive way; in the figurative, poetic way. ;)

    "listening to
    millions of raindrops
    applauding my decision" ... I love this part. It could secretly be about any type of decision. This is my very favorite kind of poetry. My imagination could turn it into a poem about so many things.

    See, to me, this is about a young pregnant girl who has just decided to keep her baby. (That's why there's a line break after "t(w)o." Then the millions of raindrops applauding her decision are the aborted babies who are happy that this one is going to have a chance to survive.

    I know that's not at all what you were thinking, but I like that I, as the reader, have permission to alter your intention.

  2. Rain is a distant dream in the place i live now. Enjoy my friend :')

  3. Now that's just lovely!

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It is always a very personal delight when Nature lets us know she enjoys our appreciation,


  5. Oh, Mosk. This is perfection.