Friday, May 26, 2017

The Monster in the Mirror

"Yes, I know
why I'm here:

I'm scaring people again,
but listen:

I'm trying to save you
from a terrible monster,
an inescapable, ubiquitous threat!

They're all around,

You don't
even notice
them anymore!

Yes, I know
what it looks like, but
when I break
those mirrors,
I am not
just smashing
someone's private property,

I am slaying the monster!

I has hospitalized,
once in 2008
and again in 2011.

In every reflection
I see
a hateful monster,
a creature of ignominy,
proof of
no God and
proof of
a God Who Exists But Does Shit Work.

Don't you see
a monster
when you look in
the mirror?

You don't?

You're lucky,

and I feel
a little sorry
for you."

[Inspired by "We all go a little mad sometimes.” - Psycho - for the with real toads' Monster writing challenge. ]


  1. I think seeing the monster is the only way to keep it at bay... I wonder if smashing the mirrors work though.

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Awful alternatives, to have no God or one who exists but not enough to make shit work, if I read that right ... and precisely our modernish predicament, our evil liquorish. Who the hell should not go mad at the prospects of this. I feel sorry for all of us. Great response to the challenge.

  3. The protagonist has a point behind all of his fear. Bjorn is right. Smashing the mirrors might not be a good long term solution. The monster remains even if you don't see it. I'd say especially if you don't.

  4. Seeing the monster can be a terrible thing, but once we get to know her heart and soul, the terror morphs into an understanding that keep us (and others) safe... So, thank goodness we can see its teeth, and know how hard they can bite.

  5. hmmm, scary stuff till we kind of just get use to the monster

  6. That last line is surprising and thought-provoking. Found myself wondering if I felt sorry for myself...or not.

  7. Whew. This is powerful stuff, Sir. I feel it, deeply.

  8. Monsters ... they are everywhere ... "You don't even notice them anymore!" ~~ like what's going on in our world today. Great poetry.

  9. This is soo incredibly powerful!!

  10. yes, I see a monster in the mirror. ~