Tuesday, October 31, 2017

To All My Loyal Readers

I apologize in advance
for the weakness
of the most recent offerings.

Life has been
throwing hell
at me
and I’ve been
waving a white flag.

Give me enough time
and I’ll try to turn this excrement
into gold
but I make no promises.

to all my loyal readers
who see me
and steal my invisibility,
your slightest notice
sends me into a drug like high.

Merely being seen
keeps me going
when I cannot understand
the  point of any of it.

Nothing is better than
someone telling me
I have touched them.

It’s the ultimate triumph
of my spirituality over materialism.

I am transcendent
typing mad fury
these stray thoughts knowing
there is some understood
underlying code
in all this spilled blood.

I keep trying to make connections
because it doesn’t matter
if you’re in public library in New York
or a jail cell in Texas
a bakery in Oregon
a pub in Australia

for a moment
we are in the same place
and it feels good to me.


  1. You are here with me in a house outside Stockholm... that's the advantage of blogging

  2. I'm with you so much that I thought I wrote that poem!

  3. It feels good to me, too... So, let's dance. The wind has been singing for us, and most of the words speak of being touched by you.

  4. or in India! Love the idea of healing from that universal connection. Welcome to micropoetry month as well..looking forward to your micropoems!! Starts today!

  5. Feels good to me too.

  6. OMG Mosk! I feel just like this most of the time. Most of the time. So dragged, and yet just a spark, just a bone will light me up and keep me going. You are lovely, you are light, you are! Your words are like a lifeline every time I read them.
    Signed, a kitchen in western Massachusetts :)

  7. Sad to hear you are troubled. You are with me now.
    Anna :o]

  8. We see you. Kind of like you too:)

  9. So good to read your words. There are so many times I feel cutoff from people because there is this dark spot in me that chases away light. I'm in my library in Texas surrounded by books, cats, and my attempts at collecting art.