Thursday, April 26, 2018

Five Coitus

That first time
she took pity on me
but made me feel
like a king
by pouring champagne
and listening to me
babble about everything
before going again.

That midnight time
in the park
in the nose-cone
of that steel-framed
faux rocket ship
designed more for
a child's imagination
than adult coitus,
and how we had to
proceed quietly
as the cops
circled the parking lot

That ugly time
when she was
breaking up
our marriage
to be with another man
and I pounded
angrily inside her,
hating that I still loved her
but loving that
I was hurting her
without leaving
a mark
or even caring.

That liberating time
in Seattle
after my father died,
and while I betrayed
my live-in partner,
and fell into
an impossible
secret love,
she unlocked
that ultimately
help free me
from my self-imposed
prison of guilt and obligation.

That last time
it was the first time
and even though
I couldn't see
the path forward
(or even the next day),
I wanted
more of her,
more of her
and she is where
my heart has finally


  1. This is a beautiful poem, I loved, "That last time, it was the first time..."

  2. Where our body and heart lead us so do we follow. I enjoyed your "list" very much.

  3. A list of truth and beauty ( even the painful bits)

  4. I really like where this prompt took you. How you frame a story through five times these two, intermingled....made love...fucked...choose you're really inventive. I especially liked the second stanza. Something about that faux rocketship seemed like such a fitting metaphor for their relationship. Thanks for posting and viva la!

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Excuse me please; I have to pick up my jaw. This is Holy-Moley good!

  6. Great that it all ended well... why do we have to walk barefoot where the gravel is sharpest?

  7. Love this poem and the honesty in it. And that last time, obviously it was the best time.

  8. 5 sticking points. Really well done Mosk

  9. This is incredibly evocative!💜 I love how you shed light on different emotions which we experience while loving someone /suffering alone/exploring options/ and altogether going through numerous phases of life.💜

  10. Something about this....... It's perfect. Chapeau!

  11. I would call this an honest poem, ugly and beautiful = raw, a bit shocking. Well done!

  12. Ah, the stories of our lives! I am glad your heart finally found a soft landing.

  13. To paraphrase Carlos Castenada, . . . I am glad you found your true spot.