Monday, April 23, 2018

Your Weakness is My Strength

My superpower-
my gift from God-
is the ability to see
everyone else’s weaknesses.

Sometimes I spot it
sometimes it takes a few words
or a telltale action
but sooner or later
everyone eventually slips.

I store all your weaknesses
and I wait for the
most opportune time
to cast them upon
my unsuspecting victims:

your vanity
and crushing self-doubt
your undersized genitalia
your neglected childhood
I immediately calculate
for later sinister use,

because I always need to know
when and where
to strike
because while I appear
modest and mild mannered
I have my moments
of black spinning evil
that overtake me,
when I’ll need to lay you out
and I’ll consult
my mental Rolodex
and lookup your weakness
and strike with
dispassionate surgical precision.

Make no mistake
I’ll know just the right thing
to make you feel small and
to rob you of your

I’ll pull down your pants
in front of everyone
or similarly humiliate you
with the perfectly chosen word,

in all honestly

never employed
this superpower.

I always see
the scared and quivering humanity
in their eyes
standing before me
and I cannot bring myself
to destroy
that which I cannot repair.

I cannot be the cruel
that is my birthright.

I always succumb to
their silent and invisible tears,
the sting of humiliation
and shame
and my own
silent and invisible tears

and I cannot bring myself to do it.

So, while I have the gift
I cannot use it
and thankfully,

that is my weakness.


  1. That gift..that gift..but how easily some flaunt it


  2. They say an exorcism works for that kind of condition.A necklace of garlic and a cross would not be powerful enough to combat that type of affliction.

  3. Fascinating circumlocutions of thought.

  4. That's not weakness. Up until the not using it part, you'd described my mother to a tee. I often thought, "I could tear you down the very same way, but i don't." I know she saw that as weakness, and pounced. But I think it was strength, in its own way.

    la la

  5. Yes, your heart is too kind to use that super-power. I enjoyed the read, Buddah.

  6. Oh... I'm thankful for that weakness too... I hope more should have the weakness not to bring hurt.

  7. He took the long road to conquer himself but conquer he did. Well done :-)

  8. Giving into vice is so much easier than choosing virtue!

  9. My goodness this is good!!

  10. Reflecting on it Hamlet came to me, of Acts I-IV, ailing, melancholy, mad, fully capable of imagining the world's destruction and ensouling it with a rapier and rapier wit in Act V. Our melancholy makes us human.

  11. This is so full of heart and honesty. Loved this, Mosk.

  12. I loved the evilness and the good turn too. But evil better always :D

  13. I love the way this progresses, and turns back in upon itself.

  14. Oh, there are times I've wanted to go dark, but I couldn't. I didn't/don't want to return pain with pain.

  15. you're a good man, Charlie Brown. :) ~

  16. We are all tempted, aren't we? I enjoyed this, B.